Privacy Notice, Personal Information and Cookie Policy

We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of visitors to our website. We not sell sell or rent mailing lists to any other companies and gather data on our customers purely with the intent to maintain the high levels of customer service we aim to provide in all aspects of our business.


Cookies are small files saved into your browser when you use our website. These contain minimal user information required to ensure the reliable functionality of the website.

Some third party cookies may be referred to by the website to maintain continuity, for example, when a page or post is shared to a social media site.

Anonymous Cookies -
Some website features may include this type of data collection for performance and statistical reasons. These may be within our own systems, or external to our direct business such as Google Analytics. This type of data is gathered anonymously and we don't, nor do we allow others to make any attempt to find out the identities of the person from which the data originates.

No personal data is ever shared with any other company beyond that which is required to carry out our business (see below) without your consent.

Access Of Information

You have the right at any time to access your personal information which we will provide upon request.

Legal Basis for Collecting and Processing Personal Information

The legal basis for gathering this information will come into one or more of three cases:

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